California FD agrees with us: Civilians should be able to treat shooting, bombing victims

This story from the L.A. Times supports a contention we made in a blog post and video last year about the importance of trauma first aid care by civilians. For the last year, Rancho Cucamonga’s fire and law enforcement officials have teamed up to teach civilians how to triage and tie tourniquets on shooting victims,[…]

Defensive tools: Cell phone

Like many things in life, there are good and bad opportunities with cell phones. Cell phones get a lot of people in trouble as they focus on the screen and ignore the world – and potential threats – around them. Your cell phone is also one of the most important physical tools for your security.[…]

Lisa: Stay ahead of the bad guys with Your Security Solution

With the passage of concealed carry laws, the whole of society is slowly coming to the full realization of what engaged citizens have known for years:  your proactive, personal protection is your responsibility and right. And because personal security is your responsibility, you have two options:  you either start at ground zero to learn everything[…]

Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs

YourSecuritySolution often refers to sheep and wolves in our class and workshop presentations, online and in videos because the analogy is appropriate to the condition of the world today. There’s nothing wrong with being a sheep. In fact, the vast majority of people act like sheep. We generally follow directions, travel and communicate in set[…]

First Aid Trauma Kits: a pro’s perspective strives to help individuals, businesses and communities improve their security and confidence in a dangerous world. Being prepared for a medical emergency is one step toward that goal. In the video below, Dale Carlson, a paramedic working in Wisconsin, talks with former Navy SEAL Jim Johnson and Paul Soutar, both of, about the[…]

Meet Jim Johnson

Jim Johnson has worked to get the bad guys and protect the good guys around the world as a Navy SEAL, Army National Guard Special Forces officer and private security contractor. Jim uses more than four decades of experience to teach clients how to protect themselves, their families and businesses by being aware, planning and[…]

The team: Paul Soutar

Paul Soutar has worked for more than four decades as an investigator and storyteller for the U.S. Navy, some of the largest newspapers and newspaper companies in the U.S. and for non-profit government watchdogs. His experience in finding, understanding and explaining what you need to know is a core component of what we do at[…]

The team: Cade Spaulding

Cade Spaulding, Ph.D. is a human communication specialist with 15 years experience as a communication skills trainer/consultant, educator, certified ADR conflict mediator, and researcher.  Extensive work with multi-sector leaders across many industries including disaster response, wildland fire, higher education, healthcare, and manufacturing inform Cade’s ability to explain why we do what we do at Your[…]