Lisa: Stay ahead of the bad guys with Your Security Solution

Lisa IMG_3067With the passage of concealed carry laws, the whole of society is slowly coming to the full realization of what engaged citizens have known for years:  your proactive, personal protection is your responsibility and right.

And because personal security is your responsibility, you have two options:  you either start at ground zero to learn everything about its many aspects OR you can lean fully on the experts at Your Security Solution.

Your Security Solution will listen closely to your goals.  Subsequently they will outline the action steps required to meet those goals.  Finally, the real work begins—training and practice, practice and training, and polishing and perfecting.

I have had the privilege of listening to Jim Johnson convey his world-class expertise in different situations:  in the classroom, personal instruction, and out in the field.  He explains difficult situations with their possible good and bad outcomes.  Then, he breaks down the solutions into easy-to-understand language with simple-to-implement plans.  His knowledge can be relied on in scenarios that you don’t ever want to encounter, but may be forced to confront.

Stay ahead of the bad guys–start retraining the way you think and walk through everyday life with Your Security Solution.

Lisa K.
Kronenwetter, Wisconsin