Keys as a defensive tool

Key lanyardNOTE: This is the first in an ongoing series of posts about improvised self-defense weapons.

We all carry keys for home, work, and a car. Used properly, they provide a ready option in your defensive toolbox. It is important to understand though that it’s your awareness, preparation and determination, not just the tool, that does the job when it’s needed.

  • Keys 2 viewBe prepared to recognize a threat situation and ready to use the tool, in this case your keys, to injure your attacker and convince him that you’re not worth messing with.
  • As you walk to your car, hold your keys firmly between your index finger and thumb, as pictured. You are then at the ready if there is a surprise.
  • Jab the attacker wherever you can with full force to inflict pain, preferably into pressure points or a vulnerable or sensitive body area, allowing you to get away.

Key lanyard w YSS tag smallENHANCEMENT: Attach a sturdy lanyard to the key ring to increase your improvised defensive weapon’s reach and extend the distance between you and the bad guy. A lanyard can also put physics to work and make the keys more effective by increasing the speed, energy and damage or pain of a hit on the bad guy.