Defensive tools: Cell phone

Like many things in life, there are good and bad opportunities with cell phones. Cell phones get a lot of people in trouble as they focus on the screen and ignore the world – and potential threats – around them. Your cell phone is also one of the most important physical tools for your security. Its uses go beyond merely communicating or finding your way.

Staying in touch or calling for help is a top priority for staying safe, but you can’t do that with a dead cell phone battery so always be sure your phone is charged before leaving your home or office. A car charger will help keep your phone ready on long drives and a portable power bank or battery will let you top off or recharge anywhere. Prices start at less than $15 and some include a helpful LED light.

If your phone has a “find my phone” feature or tracking app you may want to make sure someone you trust has access and can locate you in an emergency or if you go missing.

Cell phones have important physical and psychological uses in deterring or escaping an attacker too.