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SEAL confidence in a dangerous world
Group training

Two-hour to full-day classes teach concepts used by Navy SEALs to help you take control of your security.

Business Security

We assess your business security to identify potential weak points and suggest opportunities to improve.

Red Cell Testing

We test your your business security system and procedures to find and help you close vulnerabilities.

seal your security

James A. Johnson
Four decades of experience working for you

Our objective is to help people escape the obsolete and dangerous reactive security paradigm and establish a proactive security solution that protects individuals and creates a force multiplier for business security. Jim Johnson teaches and applies concepts and techniques learned and practiced for 45 years as a Navy SEAL, Army Special Forces officer and private security contractor. Reactive security waits until an attack has happened of is imminent – doing little or nothing to avoid the attack. Our approach builds layers of plans, preparation, awareness and action that put individuals and businesses in charge of their security.


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